Getting Started

Hack for LA brings together civic-minded volunteers who build digital products, programs and services with community partners and local government to address issues in the LA region.

STEP 1: Onboard

Complete Self Onboarding, or attend a Guided Onboarding session via Zoom.

Self Onboarding

Watch our Onboarding Video where you will hear a brief introduction to Code for America and Hack for LA, meet members of our active projects, and hear about the intended impact and roles these projects seek to fill.

Guided Onboarding

Attend a Hack for LA Remote Onboarding session via Zoom. Our next one can be found on our Meetup page.

Next Actions

  1. Read the Hack for LA Code of Conduct
  2. Complete our Remote Onboarding Survey
  3. Self-invite to the Hack for LA Slack

STEP 2: Choose a Project

  1. Review the Projects Section and choose a project. If still in doubt, attend one of our onboarding sections
  2. Check the Team Meeting Overview to see if the team you are interested in meets at a time that fits into your schedule
  3. Click to the project’s home page. Locate and review the project-specific getting started guide.
  4. Locate and join the project’s Slack channel. Post your interest to join the team in the channel.

STEP 3: Join a Project

Once you have chosen a team you will need to do the following.

  1. Slack the project lead your Gmail address so we can add you to the shared Google drive.
  2. If you do not already have one, sign up for a GitHub Account
  3. Fill out the Team Roster after you receive access to the Google drive.
  4. Slack the Admin a link to the Team Roster to be added to the GitHub repository.

STEP 4: Adopt our Standards

  1. Set up two-factor authentication while waiting for the GitHub Admin to send you the invite
  2. After you have accepted the email invitation to our GitHub organization/repo, mark your Hack for LA membership Public.
  3. Read the ADA Compliance Guide. All web and mobile app projects at Hack for LA are inclusive by design.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I raise my hand on Zoom?

To raise your hand in Zoom: (1) Click the Participants button found in the control panel at the bottom of the Zoom window (2) Click “Raise Hand” found at the bottom of the chat window that appears.

How many hours are you expected to commit to Hack for LA each week?

At least 3 hours per week. Most often, this means you commit to recurring weekly meetings, plus a minimum of 2 hours. Since meetings are primarily reserved for coordination of tasks and feedback, you will need to allocate additional time in order to work on something to contribute. Your contribution will, of course, depend on your skillset. For example, one Hack for LA volunteer looks for typos on team project material, does not attend meetings, and always reviews the issues when tagged. If you are about to enter a very busy period in your work or personal life, please consider joining at a later date when your schedule allows. We always welcome new volunteers, but in return, expect that members return the time spent onboarding them through their efforts.

Can you tell me more about how communication in Hack for LA works?

We work in Slack, GitHub, and Google Drive. Some teams may use additional tools, so check with the project you are interested in to confirm.

When do project teams meet?

Project teams will meet as scheduled on the Project Team Meetings page. For more detailed meeting information, please visit the project’s Slack channel. Additionally, all team’s are welcome to attend the virtual happy hours scheduled each week the Westside, Downtown, and South LA Meetups. The day and time of these socials are posted by the Hack Night Co-Hosts in the Slack General channel.