Hack for LA Platform
Workforce Development

Enlightened self-interest is a powerful motivator. Our members have access to mentorship, one-on-one help with job searches, and resume coaching. We do project matching to fit skill and subject areas in which they wish to develop new skills, gain confidence in newly learned skills, and transition from beginner to junior, mid-level, or expert - often in areas they wish to add impressive credits to their resume.


We choose and empower projects where there is a demonstrable impact on stakeholders, project partners, our local community, and our members. We don’t seek to be the experts, but instead to learn from them and apply the leverage that technology offers to help improve pace and outcomes from their already valuable work. High profile project partners carry weight when our members are looking for work.


An environment where every member and the org itself benefit from the shared experiences of the members. From high school students to Ph.D., from novice to expert, there is knowledge to be gained by sharing practices and working collaboratively, making mistakes and learning from them in an environment that values failing fast and learning.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The diverse experiences of all of our members help us create a better civic tech ecosystem, by bringing their lived experience to our org. Our diversity includes race, sexual orientation, learning modalities, cognitive abilities, and socio-economic experiences. Our model of inclusion requires and inspires empathy and patience, both with others and ourselves. We are all here to learn to work together to create the change we want to see in the world, and that happens one conversation at a time.


We all come together to give freely of our time, expertise, interest and empathy, in an effort to improve our local community through direct action.


There will be impediments, setbacks and disappointments. We embrace change by empowering our members to meet, talk, experiment and achieve enough common consensus to move internal initiatives forward, without rigid structures and oppressive processes. This works on project teams, Communities of Practice and Organizational Stewardship.


In order to scale our impact with people and projects, we experiment, iterate and refine, measure and automate. Using the lowest lift tools possible for the job, and building our own, when scale cannot be achieved with manual labor or open source tools.


To create a sustainable community that provides consistent results and experience for stakeholders and a feeling of stability amongst its members.

And last but definitley not least, a true open door policy....

Radical Inclusivity

When organizations filter you out before you get in the door, they perpetuate the bias already inherent in our society. Radical Inclusivity at Hack for LA means that if you can contribute to our impact goals and peer learning environment, you are welcome here.