Getting Started

Follow the steps below to start as a Hack for LA volunteer!

Hack for LA brings together civic-minded volunteers who build digital products, programs and services with community partners and local government to address issues in the LA region.

STEP 1: Attend an Onboarding Session

Register for our Zoom Volunteer Onboarding session. The next one can be found on our Meetup page.

RSVP for Onboarding

    Before the Meeting:

    After the Meeting:

  1. Complete our Onboarding Survey.

STEP 2: Join Your Community of Practice

After you attend an onboarding session, network with peers in your practice area, build up your skills, and hear from industry professionals.

  1. Join your Community of Practice for access to announcements, meeting zoom links, and helpful resources.

  2. Receive access to the Google Drive and Github repository by sending a Slack message of your Github username and Gmail address to a CoP lead.

  3. Network with your peers and attend your CoP meetings weekly. See here for schedule.

STEP 3: Adopt Our Standards

Once you have chosen a volunteer role, make sure to adopt and follow Hack for LA's standards.

  1. Set up GitHub two-factor authentication.

  2. After you have accepted the email invitation to our GitHub organization/repo, mark your Hack for LA membership public.

  3. Read the ADA Compliance Guide. All web and mobile app projects at Hack for LA are inclusive by design.

STEP 4: Choose a Role

Once you have joined your Community of Practice, you can find a volunteer role.

  1. Find roles that you are interested in at your Community of Practice.

  2. Check the Team Meeting Overview to see if the team you are interested in meets at a time that fits into your schedule.

  3. Join one project's Slack channel. Post your interest to join in the channel.

STEP 5: Join a Project

Once you have adopted our standards, complete the following to officially join.

  1. Slack the Product Manager your GitHub username and Gmail address to get Google Drive and GitHub access.

  2. Fill out the Team Roster after you receive access to the Google Drive.

  3. Attend your first team meeting and take on a first issue assignment from your lead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours are you expected to commit to Hack for LA each week?

This depends on the role: as little as 6 hours per week to as much as 15 hours minimum. Get more details at the onboarding session.

How does communication on Hack for LA work?

We work in Slack, GitHub, and Google Drive. Some teams may use additional tools, so check with the project you are interested in to confirm.

When do the teams meet?

Project teams will meet as scheduled on the Project Team Meetings page. For more detailed meeting information, please visit the project’s Slack channel.