Getting Started

Hack for LA brings together civic-minded volunteers to build digital products, programs and services with community partners and local government to address issues in the LA region. Please review this Getting Started guide to kickstart your journey with Hack for LA.

Self Onboarding | Guided Onboarding | Once you have joined a team!

Self Onboarding

Onboarding Video

    Watch our Onboading Video where you will hear a brief introduction to Code for America and Hack for LA, meet members of our active projects, and hear about the intended impact and roles these projects are seeking to fill.

Code of Conduct

    Read the Hack for LA Code of Conduct.

Help Us Improve

    Complete our Remote Onboarding Survey.

Join Us on Slack

    Self-invite to the Hack for LA Slack.

Pick a Project

  1. Review the projects listed in the projects section to determine which one you would like to know more about. If you still don’t know what project you want to join, please attend one of our onboarding sessions.
  2. Check the team meeting overview, to see if the team you are interested in meets at a time that fits into your schedule.
  3. Click to the project’s home page.
    1. Locate and review the project-specific getting started guide.
    2. Locate and join the project’s Slack channel and post your interest in joining the team, in the channel.

Guided Onboarding

Online Onboarding

    Attend a Hack for LA Remote Onboarding session via Zoom. Our next one can be found here:

    If you don’t have a Zoom account, sign up for a free Zoom account. Ask questions in the Zoom chat, or raise your hand to signal the host.

    To raise your hand in Zoom: (1) Click the Participants button found in the control panel at the bottom of the Zoom window (2) Click “Raise Hand” found at the bottom of the chat window that appears.

Once you have joined a team!

Once you have joined a team, please do the following:

  1. Send the project lead your Gmail email address so you can be added to the Google project drive.
  2. After you get access to the Google drive, fill out the team’s roster.
  3. GitHub setup: If you do not already have a GitHub account, you will need to sign up for a GitHub account. If you are not a coder, don’t worry! There is still lots for you to do. We use GitHub’s Lean workflow tool (the project boards) and its Wiki functionality to organize our projects and share non-code artifacts we create.
    1. Set up two-factor authentication.
    2. Mark your Hack for LA organization membership public.
  4. ADA Compliance Guide. All web and mobile app projects at Hack for LA should be ADA compliant. We are an inclusive organization by charter.