100 Automations

Project Overview



Location: Remote

Links: GitHub


Technologies: GitHub Pages, Jekyll

Hack for LA seeks to reduce repetitive work in our open source projects and for the open source community. This project will be both a showcase for the automations and/or microservices that we develop, but also a convenient home for those automations, so that they can be found, forked, and contributed to easily. We will be using JAMstack and a static site generator for building this website.

Open roles:

  • Anyone who wants to write open source automations

  • API writers

  • API integrators

  • Frontend Javascript Developers

  • UI/UX Designer

Current Project Team

Name: Niven Prasad

Role: Product Manager

Name: Camila Arias

Role: UI/UX Designer

Name: Olivia Chiong

Role: Product Manager

Name: Muhi-Dean Othman

Role: Full-Stack Developer

Name: Audrey Kim

Role: UX Writer

Name: Jason Brown

Role: UX/Product Manager

All-Time Contributors