311 Data

Project Overview



Partner: Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment

Location: Remote

Links: GitHub, Slack, Wiki, Join Us, Site

Tools: Google Suite, Figma, GitHub, Zoom, Observable


Technologies: React, Redux, Material-UI, DuckDb, HuggingFace, GitHub Pages, Mapbox

The 311 Data project seeks to empower local Neighborhood Councils to improve the ideation and analysis of their initiatives using the wealth of publicly available 311 data.



The city produces a data set from all the 311 tickets placed. This data is useful if you are a data scientist, but for citizens without this training it has little value.


We partnered with the Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and LA Neighborhood Councils to co-create and iterate analysis and tools (see 311-Data.org) to provide neighborhoods with actionable information at the local level through real time visualizations and comparison tools.


Neighborhood Councils are able to use visualizations to demonstrate and discuss the city service levels with constituents and determine where to send mailings to target information to those parts of their community not availing themselves of specific city services.

Sustainable Development Goal

16.8: Broaden and strengthen the awareness and participation of City and local communities, especially those traditionally underserved and marginalized, in the institutions of local and global governance.

Current Project Team

Name: Sanju Venugopal

Role: Product Manager

Name: Christopher Cotton

Role: Product Manager

Name: Ryan Chase

Role: Project Manager, Developer

Name: Anna Kim

Role: UX Design Lead, Product Manager

Name: Ahmed Awadalla

Role: Product Manager

Name: Bethlehem Berhane

Role: Product Manager

Name: Holly Worthen

Role: UX Research Lead

Name: Edwin Jue

Role: Engineering Lead

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