Access The Data

Project Overview



Partner: Department of Neighborhood Empowerment

Location: Remote

Links: Github, Slack, Overview

Tools: figma, photoshop, sketch, phone calls.


The Access the Data project seeks to identify where data literacy education is most needed and to develop modules to address those areas. The project will produce a website to make accessing those modules and other relevant self teaching content easy to find and use.

Current Project Team

Name: Bonnie Wolfe

Role: Agile Coach

Name: Sarah Nabelsi

Role: Project Manager

Name: Lucy Chang

Role: Product Manager

Name: Alyssa Bryant

Role: Product Manager

Name: Jeremy DeCarvalho

Role: Data Analyst

Name: Assel Abilova

Role: UX/UI Designer

Name: Malak Hmimy

Role: Data Analyst

All-Time Contributors