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Partner: Code for San Jose, Code for Atlanta, Open Oakland

Location: Remote

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BallotNav is a tool that aims to help prevent disenfranchisement by providing reliable and up-to-date information on ballot drop off locations across the US. While some states have detailed information about ballot drop off locations, others leave it up to the local jurisdiction to publish that information. In some states, Counties, Towns, Parishes, etc., do not have websites, so there is no reliable online source for ballot drop off information. BallotNav was created to provide a reliable online resource about where to drop your ballot, hours, accessibility, etc. We do this by calling each Jurisdictional office provided by the secretaries of state and confirming locations details.

Current Project Team

Name: Karen Coronel

Role: Product Manager

Name: Stacey Rebekah Scott

Role: Product Manager

Name: Layne Mostyn

Role: Product Manager

Name: Andrew Steman

Role: Lead Developer

Name: Zuri Smith

Role: UX Researcher

Name: Jon Lam

Role: UX Researcher

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