Project Overview



Partner: Code for Boston, Code for Charlottesville

Location: Remote

Links: GitHub, Slack, Wiki, Effective Practices

Tools: Zoom, Calendly,, Google Docs, guides


Technologies: Markdown

Civic tech volunteer organizations often start building from scratch, which uses up valuable resources (time, labor and momentum). This project aims to improve existing structures and create new ones that make it easier to share replicable processes and practices so that organizers and members can iterate on each other's work, improving outcomes for the civic tech ecosystem.

Current Project Team

Name: Bonnie Wolfe

Role: BOP Project Lead

Name: Aleiya Gafar

Role: Product Manager

Name: Evan Stalker

Role: Lead Designer

Name: Liz Brown

Role: UX Designer

Name: Katrina Bonoan

Role: UX Designer

All-Time Contributors