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Project Overview



Location: Remote

Links: GitHub, Slack, Overview


Technologies: Django, Django REST Framework, React, Webpack, Babel, PostgreSQL, Docker, GitHub Actions

The MVP website will be a platform to help prospective volunteers find inter disciplinary projects that will be useful for their career development while contributing to positive civic impact and a CMS for Hack for LA projects to be able to list their open roles.

The tool will match volunteers by availability, role, and program area. Future iterations of the platform will focus helping volunteers find volunteer opportunities that match paid job postings, so that a volunteer can better prepare themselves for the marketplace.

Current Project Team

Name: Karen Coronel

Role: Senior Product Manager

Name: Salima Yacoubi Soussane

Role: Product Manager

Name: Sabrina Heasley

Role: Product Manager

Name: Jen Chung

Role: UX/UI Design Lead

Name: Melinda Sukosd

Role: UX Research Lead

Name: Jenn Wu

Role: UX Researcher Lead

Name: Tin Wei Chung

Role: UX/UI Designer

Name: Lu Feng

Role: UX/UI Designer

Name: Gabriel Vicencio

Role: UX/UI Designer

Name: Leah Ellis

Role: UX Researcher

Name: Matt Pereira

Role: Developer

Name: Bitian Zhang

Role: Developer

Name: Benny Van

Role: Developer

Name: Sarah Sanger

Role: Developer

Name: Nga Do

Role: UX Researcher

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