Civic Tech Structure

Project Overview



Partner: Code for America & its Brigades

Location: Remote

Links: GitHub


Technologies: Google Docs (Doc, Sheet, Slide, Forms), guides

Each of the 80+ Code for America Brigades is an experiment which generates valuable learnings and new effective processes and practices. However, Brigades and other civic tech volunteer organizations need not start from scratch. This project aims to improve existing structures and create new ones that make it easier to share replicable processes and practices so that organizers and members can iterate on each others work, improving outcomes for the whole network.

The Civic Tech Structure's first project seeks to improve the existing Code for America Brigade Organizer’s Playbook (BOP) into a communal, high-value resource for sharing. We will be performing an intensive UX Research phase with the BOP end users to understand their priorities, infrastructure, and potential contributions.

Open roles:

  • UI Designer (brand building)

  • UX Team manager / Lead

  • UX Researchers (40)

  • UX Designer

  • UX Team Manager / Lead

Getting Started

Project Leadership

Name: Bonnie Wolfe

Role: Co-Product Manager

Name: Sam H.

Role: Co-Product Manager

Name: Thad Kerosky

Role: Co-Product Manager

Name: Naomi Chao

Role: Special Projects Coordinator