Civic Tech Structure

Project Overview



Location: Remote

Links: GitHub, Overview, README

Tools: Google Docs, guides


The Civic Tech Structure project seeks to improve existing structures and create new ones that make it easier to share replicable processes and practices so that the civic tech community can iterate on each other’s work, improving outcomes for the whole ecosystem.

Our Civic Tech Structure project is responsible for publishing all of our guides and other reference materials that we hope will help other people and organizations to stand on the shoulders of those who contributed before them.

Current Project Team

Name: Bonnie Wolfe

Role: Executive Director

Name: Olivia Chiong

Role: Director of Operations

Name: Sam H.

Role: Co-Product Manager

Name: Thad Kerosky

Role: Co-Product Manager

Name: Naomi Chao

Role: Special Projects Coordinator

All-Time Contributors