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Location: Remote

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The Design System initiative seeks to empower volunteers with the tools, documentation and templates for creating and maintaining a design system for their HfLA projects. As Hack for LA continues to scale it has become more essential to create consistent documentation and standards for design deliverables.

A Design System is a single source of truth for a website’s designers and developers– a collection of reusable components, styles, and code guided by clear standards and documentation. Design systems are now an industry standard used by the website teams of most major companies.

Current Project Team

Name: Yasaman Roostaeian

Role: Product Manager

Name: Rachel Newcomb

Role: Lead UX Researcher

Name: Sandra Berjan

Role: Lead Content Designer

Name: Khanh Cao

Role: Co-Lead UX/UI Designer

Name: Debbie Nyasetia

Role: Co-Lead UX/UI Designer

Name: Wataru Inoue

Role: UX Consultant

Name: Faezeh Faezipour

Role: UX Researcher

Name: Eva Kwock

Role: UX Researcher

Name: Zeynep Aslan

Role: UX Researcher

Name: Gala Stojnic

Role: UX Researcher

Name: Eli Marietta

Role: UX Researcher

Name: Asad Haider

Role: UX/UI Designer

Name: Liz Zheng

Role: UX/UI Designer

Name: Michael Morgan

Role: UX/UI Designer

Name: Robert Schacht

Role: Content Designer

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