Food Oasis

Project Overview



Partner: seeking

Location: Remote

Links: GitHub, Site, Test Site

Tools: figma, photoshop, sketch, pencil and paper, phone calls.


Technologies: ReactJS, Express, Node.js, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, AWS, Docker, Mapbox, Material-UI, SCSS

The website is focused on individuals seeking food in Los Angeles who need an up-to-date resource about food pantries and meals. Our mission is to update the existing website, with a simplified UI and verified data. Future development goals include creating functionality for referral services that will allow the end user to annotate and update listings through a peer verification system.

Getting Started

Project Leadership

Name: Jenny Mikesell

Role: Product Manager

Name: Tina Moh

Role: UX/Service Lead

Name: John Darragh

Role: Architect

Name: Lucas Homer

Role: Sr. Developer

Name: Gaby Cohen


Name: Steven Ettinger

Role: Blockchain Developer