Open Community Survey

Project Overview



Partner: EmpowerLA, various Neighborhood Councils (e.g., Westlake NC)

Location: Remote

Links: GitHub

Tools: ArcGIS surveys, Google Docs, Zoom


The Open Community Survey project creates transparent reports supported by a direct collection of personal perspectives from LA residents to help The LA Department of Neighborhood Empowerment ( and the Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils (NCs) to understand how constituents are interacting with, and what they need from, their websites.

Current project: NC website survey; Most NCs do not have access or resources to hire technical experts necessary to create a citywide survey so that they can use the data to create inclusive websites targeted towards the needs of their specific communities. Working with EmpowerLA and NCs, Hack for LA is providing the workforce and expertise to design and implement this survey that will give NCs a tool to understand the overall needs of their community -- beyond the people already involved in NCs.

Open roles:

  • Product Manager

  • Product Owner

  • Data Scientists

Getting Started

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Current Project Team

Name: Bonnie Wolfe

Role: Agile Coach

Name: Phoebe Ng

Role: UX Researcher

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