LA TDM Calculator

Project Overview



Partner: LA Department of Transportation LADOT (

Location: Downtown LA, Remote

Links: GitHub


Technologies: ReactJS, Express, Node.js, Microsoft SQL Server, Docker, Azure App Service, SCSS

We’re building a TDM web calculator for LADOT. It scores proposed real estate developments in real-time and aims to discourage exceeding parking requirements to reduce the occurrence of single-occupancy trips to new developments.

Open roles:

  • UI Designer

Getting Started

Project Leadership

Name: Bonnie Wolfe

Role: Product Owner

Name: Kevin Howley

Role: Project Manager

Name: John Darragh

Role: Architect

Name: Nicole Doan

Role: UI/UX Lead

Name: Mindy Morgan

Role: Frontend Lead

Name: Fang Liu

Role: Backend Lead

Name: Claire Nguyen

Role: Sr. Fullstack Developer