LA TDM Calculator

Project Overview



Partner: LA Department of Transportation and Los Angeles City Planning

Location: Remote

Links: GitHub, Wiki, Slack, Overview, Test Site, Site


Technologies: React, Express, Node.js, Microsoft SQL Server, Docker, Azure App Service, Figma

The LA TDM Calculator is a web app, created in conjunction with the L.A. Department of Transportation (LADOT) and Los Angeles City Planning, to help real estate developers design better projects for Los Angeles. The Calculator is being implemented alongside a new ordinance reducing over-parking and improving the infrastructure to incentivize public transportation and discourage single occupancy vehicle trips.

Current Project Team

Name: Bonnie Wolfe

Role: Agile Coach / Primary Stakeholder Relationship Manager

Name: John Darragh

Role: Architect

Name: Ebi Imafidon

Role: Product Manager

Name: Renee Moore-Adams

Role: Lead, UX Design

Name: Jane He

Role: Lead, UX Research

Name: James Higgs

Role: Frontend Developer

All-Time Contributors