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Partner: TBD

Location: Remote

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Technologies: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Docker, React, Redux, Jest, React Testing Library, MongoDB Atlas, Insomnia, Postman

VRMS is a browser-based software tool created by Hack for LA (HfLA) for volunteer organizations to curate participant journeys and further organizational goals of workforce development and project impact. By collecting and using relevant data, VRMS is able to automate repetitive tasks; match volunteers with projects, relevant training and job opportunities; measure engagement with projects and activities; and surface insights to improve organizational effectiveness and the volunteer experience over time.

Current Project Team

Name: Alex Anakin

Role: Software Architect / Tech Lead

Name: Adam Spar

Role: Product Manager

Name: Bonnie Wolfe

Role: Stakeholder Rep

Name: Katiuska Alicea de Leon

Role: Full Stack Web Developer

Name: Glen Paul Florendo

Role: Full Stack Developer

Name: Walter (JunJie) Tang

Role: Full Stack Developer

Name: Josh Bubar

Role: Shows up to meetings

Name: David Rubinstein

Role: Engineer for the People

All-Time Contributors