Hackforla.org Website

Project Overview



Location: Remote

Links: GitHub, Site

Tools: Figma, Google Drive, Zoom, Google Analytics


Technologies: GitHub Pages, Jekyll, Docker

The hackforla.org website is our organization's way of communicating with volunteers, stakeholders, and donors. This project is a good place to start for new volunteers looking to polish their git protocol skills (branches, separation of concerns, etc.). We currently have two development paths: growth (building out new pages and guides) and optimization (taking inventory of our code and design systems) to ensure we are consistently delivering value to our users while being scalable in our approach to building the site.

Current Project Team

Name: Bonnie Wolfe

Role: Agile Coach/Stakeholder Rep

Name: Cynthia Kiser

Role: Technical Advisor

Name: Matthew Cacho

Role: Technical Lead

Name: Kristine Eudey

Role: UX Design Lead

Name: Sihem Gourou

Role: Product Manager

All-Time Contributors