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Project Overview



Partner: UCLA School of Law, Golden Gate University School of Law

Location: Remote

Links: GitHub, Slack, Readme, Overview

Tools: Figma, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Miro


We are creating a know your rights tool for youth and their families when interacting with the Juvenile Justice System. This interactive tool creates a resource for youth and their families to access information that is relevant to several different parts of the process from knowing your rights when you come into contact with law enforcement, to an explanation of the different types of hearings that take place, to knowing who various people in the courtroom are.

Current Project Team

Name: Bonnie Wolfe

Role: Agile Coach

Name: Leroy Tung

Role: Product Manager

Name: Rabia Shaikh

Role: Project Manager

Name: Hyun Joo Sandy Oh

Role: UX Researcher

Name: Moji Jimoh

Role: Product Manager

Name: Anousha Shadrach

Role: Lead, UX Design

All-Time Contributors