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Project Overview



Partner: Safe Place for Youth (SPY), Point Source Youth (PSY)

Location: Remote

Links: GitHub, Wiki, Slack, Overview, Site

Tools: Figma, AWS, Nginx, Docker, Style Components, Zoom, GitHub, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides


Technologies: React, NoSQL, Flask, Auth0 / OIDC / OAuth2, MongoDB

The Home Unite Us project is developing a workflow management tool for community nonprofits to automate and scale their existing Host Home initiatives, prioritizing streamlining of caseworkers' repetitive workloads, reducing institutional bias, and effectively capturing crucial data.

Host Home programs are centered around housing young people, 18 - 25 years old. Their approach focuses on low-cost, community-driven intervention by matching a willing host with a guest or group of guests, providing a stable housing environment for youths who are experiencing homelessness and seeking stable housing.

Current Project Team

Name: Tyler Thome

Role: HUU Tech Lead

Name: Tracy Michelle

Role: Calender Tech Lead

Name: Regan Hutson

Role: Product Manager

Name: Kristy Points

Role: Product Manager

Name: Erik Guntner

Role: Front End Developer

Name: Rachel Bracker

Role: Design Lead

Name: Ben Ross

Role: Product Manager

All-Time Contributors